Slow Food Sugar Loaf children attempt to beat record for the longest sheet of nettle pasta in the world!

The March wild food forage at Kilruddery House attracted a full house – 27 children and many adults.  After a short briefing we all spread out, some to forage the woodland, some to gather eggs, some to look for young shoots of nettles for the pasta, and others for wild garlic. Homegrown, pressed and filtered, Kilruddery Rape Seed oil was used for the pesto.

Ed Hick set up a field kitchen and the children took turns at mixing and rolling the nettle pasta dough. Then, in a line they supported the pasta with outstretched arms as it was rolled thinner and thinner; moving gradually further and further away from the machine (followed by an adult with a measuring tape). We ended up with impressive 48 feet!2013-03-03 13.07.30

Cooked and served with the wild garlic pesto it was eaten with relish in  minutes.

See what it looked like on: https/

Great media response to Wild Food Book

Biddy and Evan Doyle are dashing around doing TV, Radio and Print media interviews – and of course gathering wild foods.

With the mild and dry spell of weather wild food plants are springing into growth. Sea beet, wild garlic, herb robert, primrose, violet and gorse flowers, wood and sheep sorrel, even the humble nettle have been used for the photo shoots.

Irish Food Writers’ Guild Food Award Winners 2013 Announced

The 2013 winners are:

  • Rod & Julie Calder-Potts, Highbank Orchards (Co Kilkenny) for Highbank Orchard Syrup
  • Toby  Simmonds, Toons Bridge Dairy (Co Cork) for Toons Bridge Dairy Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese
  • Connemara Hill Lamb Ltd. (Co Galway)
  • A joint award was presented to Sheridans  Cheesemongers (Co Meath) and Cookies of Character (Co Cork) for their range of  cheese crackers.
  • An  environmental award was presented to Co Clare-based Irish Seed Savers Association,  for their dedicated work in preserving native varieties of fruit and vegetables

For more information see the IFWG Awards page.

Irish Food Writers Guild Food Awards 2013

The 19th annual Irish Food Writers Guild Good Food Awards are to be held this Tuesday.

For those of you not familiar with the annual Good Food Awards they are unique in that no producer can nominate themselves; instead, nominations are submitted exclusively by Guild members. Indeed, no company is ever informed that it is being considered for an award. Nominated products are bought in public retail outlets, paid for in full and judged at a formal tasting meeting where all Guild members vote, using proportional representation.

Do visit the Irish Food Writers Guild Good Food Awards page on Tuesday to see all the winners!

Wild Food book published

The Wild Food book, published by the O’Brien Press, is about to hit the shelves!

The reaction to the advance copies has been extremely positive with lots of media interest and requests for interviews, talks and field walks.

Evan and I think the book looks and feels good and does what it says on the cover. A sturdy field-book that fits in a pocket and achieves our aim to pass on skills in knowing where and when to look, and how to identify, gather, preserve, and cook over 60 recipes that make the most of the wild foods featured.

For more than a year, Denis Latimer (my other half ) was none to gently persuaded to come foraging with me up mountains, down dales, clambering in hedgerows, and ploughing along wet and windy seashores, and has contributed clear photographs identifying the plants and likely habitats. Evan Doyle (locked in his kitchen for days and nights on end, with the crew) cooked, styled and photographed 25 of the enticing recipes he created to serve at The Strawberry Tree at MacCreddin.

We hope you like it and happy harvesting.